About Us

Welcome to Somali Researchers Association (SRA)

SRA is a Somali led research institution focused on social issue at district, regional and national levels. Our research creates awareness about the public problems in people’s life and paves a way that builds momentum for a better tomorrow for all.  Somali Researchers Association (SRA) is an association brings together Somali researchers and provides a platform to exchange knowledge, experience, and ideas. SRA founded in 2010, it’s a nonprofit, voluntary professional association whose mission is to promote excellent research in Somalia.

Social change doesn’t happen without engaged scholars, and it increasingly happens on research contribution local level. Creating these types of research spaces and think opportunities for our researchers is really about allowing ourselves the physical and mental space to be more objective, strategic, and visionary in our country. SRA open to joining all Somali scholars interested in research.


SRA has representatives across the country. Our research creates awareness about the public problems in people’s life provides actionable intelligence to civic leaders and policy-makers, reorients the focus towards the solutions, and paves the way for real change in a way that buildings momentum for a better tomorrow for all our country Somalia.

Apart from research activities, SRA focuses on developing a greater understanding of the volume and nature of attacks on higher education communities in order to develop more effective protection responses. The aim is to identify, assess and track incidents involving one or more of six defined types of conduct which may constitute violations of academic freedom and/or the human rights of members of higher education communities:

  • Killings/violence/disappearances
  • Wrongful imprisonment/detention
  • Wrongful prosecution
  • Restrictions on travel or movement 
  • Retaliatory discharge/loss of position/expulsion from the study
  • Other significant events


We seek to accomplish our mission through a set of interrelated activities, including providing professional development seminars and activities aimed at enhancing skills in research. Sponsoring an annual meeting for the presentation and improvement of new, peer-reviewed cases and papers on issues related to social concerns in Somalia; Publishing a yearly peer-reviewed journal. Working to enhance the legitimacy and status of social research within academic institutions and professional associations. We examine problems from a range of diverse and inclusive perspectives. We use empirical data to build trusted research findings.


The origination has a corporate value system

  1. Transparency
  2. Accountability
  3. Professionalism
  4. Integrity a