Agro. & Vet.

These thesis titles have already been graduated in different universities in Somalia. The aim is to avoid unintentional replication . The list is organized by the Somali Researchers Association (SRA)

#                                                                     Theses Title                                                                  
 1Effect of climate change on maize production in Jowhar district middle Shabelle Region Somalia
 2The Impact Of Climate Change On Agricultural Production, Afgoie District Lower Shabelle Somalia
 3The factors influencing maize production among small scale farmers in Afgoi district.
 4The effects of land degradation of Maize Production in Balcad District.
 5The effect of lemon production on economic growth
 6Environmental problems caused by charcoal production southern in Somalia region
 7The Role of Production Sesum in Small Scale Famers in Balcad. District
8The Post-Harvest Losses of Tomato Production in Bal’ad District.
9Determination of Poverty in Agro Pastoral Household of Lower Shabelle, Somalia.
10Agricultural sector development in Somalia.
11Impact of Land Degradation on Rural Development in Afgoye District.
12The Effect of Nematodes on Tomato in Shalanbood District
13Effect of Stem Borer on Maize Production in Afgoi
14Effects of Tillage Practices on Soil Fertility in Balcad District
15The Influence of Rainfall on Crop Production in Bal’ad District, Middle Shabelle, Somalia.
16The Role of Agriculture on Poverty Reduction in Lower Shabelle Region, Somalia
17The Effect of Foreign Food AID on Agricultural Productivity in Afgoi district, Lower Shebelle Region.
18The Role of Women on Agricultural Development in Afgoye, Lower Shabelle Region, Somalia.
19The Economic Impact of Weed on Groundnut Production in Afgoi, Lower shabelle Region, Somalia
20Prevalence and Risk factors of Plastic Bags Ingestion in Small Ruminants Slaughtered at Day Nile in Mogadishu Somalia
21Effect of Ectoparasite Infestations in Dromedary Camel in Small Scale Farmers at Banadir Region Somalia
22Social and Environmental Impact of Charcoal Production in Near Mogadishu 
23The Impact of Transportation on Agriculture Production in Afgoi
24The Effect of Post Harvesting Losses on Banana in Afgoi District
25Impact of Shabelle River Flood on Environment in Jawhar, Somalia
26The impact of Post-harvest losses on Tomato production in Afgoi District lower Shabelle region, Somalia.
27Challenges influencing tomato Farming in Afgoi Distrct, lower Shabelle, Somalia
28Infestation of fall Armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda on Maize Bal,ad  Assessment of Damage
29Affect Post-Harvest Losses on Tomato Production in Bakaro Market Mogadisho Somalia
30The Effect of Soil Erosion on Crop Productivity in Afgoye District Lower Shabella Somalia
31Survey of Pesticides application on Vegetable in Afgoye Area of Somalia.
32The Impacts of Gastrointestinal Parasite of Small Ruminants in Banadir Hospital Mogadishu, Somalia
33Assessments of Constraints of Small Scale Dairy Farming in Banadir Region