Econ. & Mgt.

These thesis titles have already been graduated in different universities in Somalia. The aim is to avoid unintentional replication . The list is organized by the Somali Researchers Association (SRA)

 NoThesis Title 
Economic and Management
1The Impact of Inflation Rate on Financial Performance at Commercial Banks in Mogadishu-Somalia.
2Effect of E-commerce on International Trade in Mogadishu-Somalia
3The Impact of Production Planning on Productivity, Case Study of Mineral Water Companies
4Impact of Mobile Banking on Customer Satisfaction Case Study Salaam Bank
5Effect of Diversification on Financial Performance on Small Business in Mogadishu-Somalia.
6The impact of local Government on poverty reduction in Banadir Region
7The Effect of Poor Infrastructure on Transportation
8The Role of the African Mission in Stability (A Case study of African Union Mission in Somalia)
9The Role of Education on Poverty Reduction in Somalia
10THE Negative Impact of Corruption on Social Culture in Somalia
11The Effect of Youth Unemployment on National Security in Somalia
12The Impact of Employee Training on Employee Performance in Some Selected Public Sectors in Somalia
13Effect Inventory Management on Profitability in Manufacturing Company
14The impact of Training and Development on Organizational Effectiveness
15The Impact of Customer Relationship Management on Organization Profit of in Somali
16Effect of Internal Control on Detection and Prevention of Fraud on Commercial Banks In Mogadishu-Somalia
17The Effect of Budgetary Control on Financial Performance of Manufacturing Companies in Somalia
18The Effect of Inventory Management on the Success of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Mogadishu
19Assessing the Impact of Accounting Software Usage on Business Performance in Mogadishu, Somalia
20The Impact of Accounts Receivable Management on Profitability of Commercial Banks
21The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Image Case Study Hormuud & Dahabshil
22Measuring the Effect of Unemployment Among Recent University Graduates in Mogadishu-Somalia.
23Role of Student Internship on Employment Opportunities of Several Universities in Mogadishu-Somalia
24Effects of e-banking Innovations on the Financial Performance of Commercial Banks in Mogadishu-Somalia
25Innovation Practices and Organizational Performance, the Mediating Effect of Organizational Learning. A case of Commercial Banks in Mogadishu City
26Leadership Style and Organizational Performance: the Mediation Effect of Employee’s Job Satisfaction in the Telecommunication Industry in Mogadishu
27Evaluating the Adoption of Project Risk Management Processes in the Construction Industry in Mogadishu
28Managerial Efficiency Small and Medium Business
29Factors that Influence Secondary School Students’ Performance in Mathematics in Banadir Region, Somalia
30Role Of Research in Economic Growth in Somalia
31Impact of Foreign Aid Economic Development of Somalia
33The Effect of Procurement Practice on Performance in Printing Companies Somalia
34Customer Relationship Management, Service Quality on Organizational Performance Mediation Effects of the Customer Satisfaction in Telecommunication Companies of Mogadishu-Somali
35COVID-19 Socio-Economic Impact
36The effect of Health Services on the Control of a Disease
37Prevalence and Associated Factors of Burnout Risk Among Intensive Care and Emergency Nurses. Across Sectional Study
38The Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Price Index (CPI) in Somalia
39A Study on the Effect of Internet Advertising on Somali Business.
40The Impact of Working Capital Management and Firms Performance of Selected Manufacturing Companies in Mogadishu Somalia.
41Analysis of Causes of Examination Malpractice in Secondary School in Benadir Region of Somalia.
42Ensuring Somalias Higher Education Standards Model Thematic.
43Military Intervention as a Tool for the Protection of Human Rights in Somalia.
44The Effect of Human Resource Devilment on Work Performance
45The effect of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction on Telecommunication Industry in Mogadishu
46The Effect of Capability Innovation on Employee Experience  in Foam Factory in Mogadishu
47The Development of Islamic Banking and the Current Challenges in Somalia
48The Effect of Good Governance and Social Welfare in Mogadishu
49The effects of Political Instability on Economic Growths in Banadir Region
50The Impact of Microfinance on Poverty Reduction in Mogadishu, Somalia
51The Effects of Motivation on Employee Performance in Mogadishu – Somalia
52The Role of Commercial Banks in Small Scale Entrepreneurial Development in Somalia
53The Role of Islamic Banking in Economic Growth in Mogadishu Somalia
54The Effect of Compensation System and Employee Performance on Small Medium Business Enterprises in Mogadishu-Somalia
55The Effect of Corruption on Good Governance in Mogadishu Somalia
56The effects of Financial Planning on Small Business Performance in Bakaro Market, Mogadishu-Somalia
57The Impacts of Strategic Business Units on Organizational Performance at Shakir Company in Mogadishu-Somalia
58Impact of Job Security on Organizational Performance
59Modern Islamic Finance practices and its effects on social development in Somalia.
60The impact of accounting information on Decision making process in some selected Mogadishu companies
62The relationship between effective internal control system and financial performance: A
Case study of some selected companies
63Usefulness of AIS for effective organizational performance
64Factors influencing the effectiveness of internal audit in Mogadishu, Somalia.
65Relationship between corporate social responsibility & Financial performance.
66Impact of computerized accounting systems on financial reporting.
67Role of computerized accounting systems on organizational performance.
68The impact of budgetary control on profitability
69Contribution of commercial banks to the economic development
70The impact of ATM service quality on customer satisfaction
71Effect inventory management on profitability
72The impact of internal control system on financial performance
73The impact of government expenditure on economic growth
74The effect of tax evasion and tax avoidance on economic development.
75The impact of employee training and development on organizational productivity.
76Relationship between financial record keeping and financial performance
77Usefulness of accounting information system and small businesses performance.
78The effect of EVC plus on bank deposits
79The effect of financial management on the profitability of small and medium enterprises
80The effect of internal control on detection and prevention of fraud on commercial banks.
81the role of financial statement on investment decision making of three commercial banks
82The effect of financial reporting on organizational performance in commercial banks
83Comparative analysis of computerized and manual accounting system on small business
84Effect of cash management on financial performance of cargo and shipping firms.
85The role of strategic management accounting techniques on customer satisfaction
87The role of banking innovations on financial performance of some selected commercial
88The effects of accounting ethics on firms financial reporting.
89Barriers of implementing accounting information system on small businesses.
90Factors influencing the alignment of accounting information system in small and median
sized-electronic and clothing
91The effect of management accounting practice on financial performance
92The impact of leadership style on organizational culture
93Incentives and its effect on work motivation
94The impact of Employee performance on Employee Motivation
95Determination of Quality Management in small Business
96The collective impact of QAT on Economy Education and Health of Somalia society
97The effect of Transactional and Transformational leadership style on employee Motivation
98The impact of petroleum exploration on Somali Economy and its future impactions
99Tv commercials and its impact on consumer purchasing decision
100The impact of Employee compensation on organizational performance
101The impact of corporate social responsibility on company’s reputation
102The impact of mobile money transfer on telecom customer satisfaction
103The impact of employee empowerment on jobs satisfaction
104The relationship between training and employee performance
105The impact of participation management on Employee productivity
106Failure of small-scale business in Somalia
107The impact of Employee motivation on organizational productivity
108The impact of Employee motivation on customer satisfaction
109The impact of participation management on employee productivity
110The impact of service quality on customer satisfaction
111Barriers to E-commerce development of small businesses in Mogadishu, Somalia.
112Challenges and success factors of Somali entrepreneurial women in Mogadishu, Somalia.
113The relationship between management skills and employee’s performance. A case study
on some selected companies in Mogadishu, Somalia.
114The role of microfinance on un-employment reduction in Mogadishu, Somalia.
115The relationship between service innovation and customer satisfaction of some selected
companies in Mogadishu, Somalia.
116Effect of motivation on employee productivity. A case study on some selected companies
in Mogadishu, Somalia.
117The effect of service quality on customer satisfaction.
118The effect of service quality on customer satisfaction.
119Impact of Leadership style on employee performance.
120Determinants of small business success in Mogadishu, Somalia.
121The impact of employee rewards on organizational development. A case study on some
selected companies in Mogadishu, Somalia.
123Business revolution and economic growth in Mogadishu after the civil war.
124The impact of strategic human resource management on organizational performance.
125Significance of entrepreneurship on economic growth
126Exploring the Factors That Hinder the Growth and Survival of Small Businesses in
Somalia (A Case Study of Small Businesses in Mogadishu)
127Factors that influencing the success & failure of mobile money services: A Case Study of
EVC Plus and EMAAL.
128The Obstacles hindering the e-commerce booming in Somalia: current trends & future
129Impeding factors in front of Somali young entrepreneurship education: Why
entrepreneurship education is having a little impact on local.
130Entrepreneurship as solution to unemployment: an investigation of Mogadishu graduate
131The influence of mobile marketing on consumer purchasing behavior.
132Relationship between quality management and customer satisfaction.
133Relationship between quality management and customer satisfaction.
134The impact of employee turnover on organizational performance.
135The impact of job security on employee morale/satisfaction
136Effect of employee relations on productivity.
137Role of infrastructure on economic growth.
138Effect of employee commitment on organizational performance.
139Factors influencing the success & failure of small & medium size enterprises.
140Impact of mobile banking on business development in Mogadishu, Somalia.
141Effect of local manufacturing on economic development/growth.
142Impact of social media marketing on consumer purchasing behavior.
143The effect of service quality on customer satisfaction.
144The effect of unemployment among youth.
145The effect of strategy human resource on organizational performance
146The impact of social media marketing on business growth.
147The effect of marketing strategy on sales performance.
148The effect of fair reward system on employee performance.
149The effect of leadership competencies on the quality of employees.
150The effect of pricing policy on organization profit
151The influence of advertisement on consumer buying behavior.
152The impact of Salary on employee productivity
153The role of entrepreneurship characteristics on small business success.
154The role entrepreneur education and small business growth .
155The role entrepreneur education and small business growth .
156The role of entrepreneurship on economic growth
157Effect of advertising on consumer brand preference
158The relationship between internal marketing and employee performance
159The effect of work environment on employee productivity.
160Factors affecting the growth of small
161Factors effecting the profitability of small & medium enterprises (SMES)
162Factors causing small business failure
163The effect of customer care on organizational Performance of some selected
telecommunication Companies
164The effect of infrastructure on economic developments.
165Citizens’ contribution to reconstruction in Banadir region.
166Public service motivation and organizational commitment.
167Parental involvement and students’ academic achievements.
168The effect of training on organizational effectiveness.
169The effect of federalism on the political stability
170Essential Criteria for Measuring Performance Universities in Somalia A Thematic Analysis