About US

Somali Researchers Association (SRA) is an association that brings together Somali researchers and provides a platform to exchange knowledge, experience, and ideas. SRA is registered association founded in 2010, SRA has knowledgeable, skilled and experienced researchers who created a reservoir strategic, and visionary types of research which are available to apply for social issue at district, regional and national levels. Our research creates awareness about the public problems in people‚Äôs life provide actionable suggestions to civic leaders and policy-makers, reorients the focus towards the solutions, and paves the way for real change in a way that buildings momentum for a better tomorrow for all. 

Our team is included academic experts, professionals and practitioners. This enables us to design data collection methods and statistical analyses for monitoring, evaluating, and planning sustainable programs; and to apply cross-disciplinary knowledge in providing integrated solutions for efficient and effective interventions. SRA is a partner with different institutions including local and international.  

Our Vision

Pave the way for a real change in a way that buildings momentum for a better tomorrow for all.  


Our mission is to promote excellent research in Somalia through a set of interrelated activities, including conducting think tank surveys, and feasibility studies, field research/survey, academic networking, research publications, research grants, Conferences, Workshops etc. We use empirical data to build trusted research findings.

Core Value

The origination has a corporate value system

  1. Transparence
  2. Accountability
  3. Professionalism
  4. Integrity 


  • Conducting Think Tank surveys, and feasibility studies for societal work       
  • Conducting Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Provide consultancy and capacity building of local institutions.
  • To coordinate academic researches, workshops, conferences, discussions, and dialogues.