Knowledge Management:

Based on SRA’s standard approach to and frameworks for institutional IKM, this entails systematic generation,
collection, and dissemination of good practices and lessons learned from projects and other organizations’ programmes. This includes developing a catalogued database of various tools for planning, monitoring, training, and research, as well as communication materials, documentation, and reports; and development and production of web-based platforms and other mechanisms for knowledge dissemination as well as electronic and paper-based toolkits, and case studies; and establishment and facilitation of web-based communities of practice and blogs on specific areas of interest.

Typical activities will include:
• Research and identification of innovations, good practices and lessons learned.
• Design and development of publications and newsletters.
• Developing a taxonomy and catalogued databank of various SBC planning, monitoring, training, research tools, communication materials, documentation, and reports.
• Design, testing, and hosting web-based platforms and online repositories, including information architecture development.
• Development, production, and promotion of SBC electronic and paper-based toolkits
• and case studies.
• Organisation and facilitation of network and knowledge-sharing meetings and
• conferences.
• Design and implementation of quality assurance mechanisms for the above.
• Creation and management of partnerships, collaborations, and alliances for the