Marine Sciences

These thesis titles have already been graduated in different universities in Somalia. The aim is to avoid unintentional replication . The list is organized by the Somali Researchers Association (SRA)

 No.                                                                 Theses Title                                         
 1Tuna landings in liido beach with market details
 2Billfish landings in liido beach with market details in Mogadishu
 3The role of small scale gill net fisheries on sea turtle bycatch in Mogadishu.
 4The challenge of social issues in sustainable fisheries management in Mogadishu.
 5The role of quality control of fish and fish production, a case study of Mogadishu-Somalia.
 6Causes of low consumption of seafood in the population of Benadir region
 7The challenges facing small scale fisheries in Benadir region, Somalia
 8The role of anchored fad on small scale fisheries
 9The assessment of major causes of the  increasing plastic pollution in Mogadishu coastal waters
 10The abundance of tuna and tuna like fish species at landing centers of Mogadishu