Publication Mentorship

SRA Publication Mentorship Guidelines

Thank you for being a part of the SRA article writing mentorship program. This opportunity is intended to connect an experience author with someone new to writing. We are very appreciative of our writing mentors who contribute their time to this important program.    

Once we have made the connection between the mentor and new author, it is the responsibility of the new author to initiate the process by contacting the mentor. It is often helpful for the two of you to talk phone to start the process. following are few tips we have gathered other writing mentors and mentees.

  1. Prepare a reasonable timeline for yourself based on your current commitments.
  2. Writers are encouraged to pursue a topic that you are passionate about as your first writing endeavor; this will help you maintain your focus and commitment to completing the manuscript.
  3. Pick one or two topics you are considering and then do a literature search to see what has been written on the topic… especially those most recently published within the past five years.
  4. Closely read the journal author guideline on the website or in the print issue to establish what the proper format and expectations are for submission.
  5. Once your paper is complete it should be submitted according to the author instructions and will go through peer review. The mentor can be helpful in supporting the mentee through the process of responding to reviews and revising the paper as needed.
  6. The usual practice is for the mentor to be included as the second author on the manuscript

The mentor’s responsibilities include:

  • Recommending the author title/topic adjustment
  • Conducting a regular check and providing suggestions for the mentee submission;
  • Recommending suitable study design
  • Performing editorial control of the Special Issue and quality control of the publications, both of which must be carried out in a timely manner;
  • Providing suggestions to younger scholars if they have any doubts or concerns regarding submissions;
  • Organizing video calls with young scholars to discuss problems and improvement suggestions for the Special Issue;
  • Check plagiarism of the manuscript
  • Making and submitting decisions regarding submissions with the assistance of mentor.